Adlu International Security Solutions (AISS) delivers specialised security seminars to both corporate and private personnel across the globe.

After extensive research and experience we have tailored our training programs to deal with the current security threat that your businesses may face. Our training is specifically designed to promote the importance of educating your staff and preventing a security breach.

Based in the UK and with over 40 years of Policing and Security experience we are dedicated to providing world class training. Our sessions are designed to facilitate all types of businesses. We educate our clients to enhance they skills and attributes in order for them to effectively carry out the roles with safety and precision. Our dedicated team of experts are constantly researching to provide training material which meets the International standard.

Our seminars are held in excellent training venues and in popular cities across the world. Our upcoming security seminars and workshops will be commencing in the cites listed below. We will very soon announce our dates and venues for each location. To register simply complete the registration form and we will email you with further details. Please note once a date and venue have been fixed there will be limited seating, so book early to save disappointment.